Performance BIM Classroom

Our online school tailors training for a BIM workflow specific
to the needs of the live entertainment industry.  Learn basic 
and advanced skills, along with best practices, all in a familiar context.

What Is The Classroom?

We offer a mix of online, customized, and hybrid training programs tailored specifically to the live entertainment industry.  Courses are added monthly on a variety of BIM related topics.

Flexible Courses

Online, Groups, or One-On-One, our training will fit any schedule.

Learn from Experts

Our team not only understands the software, but the context of how you need to use it.

Understand BIM

Whether it's a basic overview or deep dive, our courses illustrate the how, why, and pitfalls of the BIM process.

Meet the Instructors

We have a team of instructors made up of professionals trained in both the software you need and the Live Entertainment Industry you work in.

Jason Prichard

Chief Operating Officer

Butch Garris

Chief Technology Officer

Adam Maxfield

BIM Family Specialist

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Frequently asked questions

What can you offer that I cannot get at other online schools?

There are many excellent online courses related to BIM and BIM software.  (In fact, we have learned from a number of them ourselves!)  The Performance BIM Classroom provides the same content curated specifically to the context of live performance and public assembly facilities.  In fact, we encourage learning from other programs, and augmenting your coursework from the Performance BIM Classroom.

What BIM knowledge do I need ?

We tailor courses for the beginner, intermediate, and expert user.  Our training includes opportunities for companies and project managers to understand the BIM coordination process.  They also include specific training for engineering and documentation services, coordinating BIM with an existing workflow.

Should I choose a virtual or online course?

The majority of the courses in the Performance BIM classroom are tailored specifically to a client's needs, and includes regular virtual training.  Online courses are continually developed, so check back regularly to see what's available!

When can I start?

Now!  Online courses are available immediately.  Virtual custom training courses can be delivered in as soon as 1 week.

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