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Revit Family Creation - Building a PAR 64

Have you ever been curious how to create lighting equipment in Revit to use in a model. In this course you will learn some of the basic tools used to create geometry for a PAR 64 lighting instrument. You will learn how to add materials to the different parts of the light.  You will also learn how to insert a previously created C-clamp family to hang your light.

Course Summary

This course is intended to introduce anyone interested to the Revit software and how to build a family. We will start by opening a generic model template that will give us some center reference planes and a few view to begin work. We will then lay in some additional reference planes so that we know where the different parts are placed. These will also serve as a guide to drafting the geometry. We will then build the barrel, lamp housing, gel frame holder and yoke for the light. We will be adding some different material parameters to the pieces of the light and assigning materials to those parameters. We will finally insert a C-clamp family onto the yoke of the light. 

The goals of the course are as follows:
  1. Gain a basic understanding of Revit family creation.
  2. Understand how to create a new family using a template.
  3. Understand what reference planes are and how to use them when creating geometry.
  4. Gain an understanding of the use of extrusions, revolves and sweeps in family creation.
  5. Know how to insert an outside family, where the family will be located in the project browser, and how to place it into the new family.

Course Structure

This is an online course.  Each training section will include an Ebook that includes step by step instructions for what we will be covering. It will also have any downloads you may need for the section. Then there will be a series of videos that will walk you through the processes we are discussing. 


Each participant must have the following software packages available prior to starting the course.

  • Autodesk Revit v2020 or later.  
Participants should have access to a minimum of 2 screens – 1 to watch the videos, and 1 to follow along with the software in real time.

Course Lessons

Created by

Adam Maxfield

Modeling and Family Development
Coupled with his expertise in Revit family development and modeling, Adam brings a large breadth of experience in education, theatre, and corporate event management to Performance BIM. Adam taught for the Graduate Technical Production program at UNC Chapel Hill and served as Technical Director for PlayMakers Repertory Company for 13 years.