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Intro to Revit
Model a Pipe Grid

Have you ever had a curiosity for what Revit is and how to start modeling thing in it. This course just might be the jumping off point you need. This is an introductory course that focuses on the process of placing elements in a Revit model by modeling a theatrical pipe grid.

Course Summary

This course is intended to introduce anyone interested to the Revit software and how to navigate in a model space. We will start with an architectural model of a "Black Box" theatre space that needs a grid to hang lighting instruments in. Although the model does have some views set up in it we will discuss how to create some other auxiliary views to help us add the pieces in the correct position. 
We will then walk through bringing in and placing the different components of a pipe grid including the battens, wall flanges, cross clamps and hangers.  We will then place some lighting fixtures on the grid including a wash type light and a profile type fixture.
Finally we will discuss how to export the elements of your model to other programs like AutoCAD and Navisworks.

The goals of the course are as follows:
  1. Gain a basic understanding of Revit modeling.
  2. Understand how to navigate the model space and work with the project browser and properties area.
  3. Gain an understanding of how to insert a family into the model, where the family will be in the project browser and how to pull it into the model.
  4. Have a concept of how to manipulate a view to make sure we can see what we need to in order to place a component correctly.
  5. Gain a basic understanding of the export process in order to collaborate with other departments.

Course Structure

This is an online course.  Each training section will include an Ebook that includes step by step instructions for what we will be covering. It will also have any downloads you may need for the section. Then there will be a series of videos that will walk you through the processes we are discussing. 


Each participant must have the following software packages available prior to starting the course.

  • Autodesk Revit v2020 or later.  
Participants should have access to a minimum of 2 screens – 1 to watch the videos, and 1 to follow along with the software in real time.

Course Lessons

Created by

Adam Maxfield

Modeling and Family Development
Coupled with his expertise in Revit family development and modeling, Adam brings a large breadth of experience in education, theatre, and corporate event management to Performance BIM. Adam taught for the Graduate Technical Production program at UNC Chapel Hill and served as Technical Director for PlayMakers Repertory Company for 13 years.